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Our 180 year history

Early B. Jenkinson & Sons catalogue from 1910

Street in Batley Carr, named after William Jenkinson, where the business was founded in 1835

The Jenkinson name has been associated with the equestrian market since 1835, when William Jenkinson started manufacturing and supplying horse clothing, driving harness and accessories for horses used in transport and farm use, from a mill in Batley Carr in the heart of the textile area in Yorkshire, England.

He was joined by his son, Benjamin, trading as B Jenkinson & Sons, who had his two sons, William and Preston, join him in the business and the firm also diversified into floor coverings as well in the late 1890’s, being one of the early suppliers of linoleum (lino) floor coverings.

In 1911, the two brothers decided to separate the two parts of the business with William continuing with equestrian supplies to the trade from the original premises and his brother, Preston, trading as Preston Jenkinson, operating from other premises and selling carpets and linoleum.

On the death of William in 1938, the business was purchased by Noble C Ellis, who was joined by his sons Donald and Victor who, whilst continuing to manufacture horse clothing and supply equestrian goods diversified into sports clothing as the demand for working horses subsided, moving into the current premises in Dewsbury as more space was required for the sportswear.

The sportswear range was sold in 1968, Victor moving with the new owners, and Donald continued with the equestrian supplies for which demand was now growing due to an ever increasing leisure and professional trade.

Donald’s son, Keith, joined his father in 1979 and Keith’s wife, Elizabeth in the 1980’s and so the firm is now in its third generation of the Ellis family.

Keith's sister, Pauline Williams MRCVS, who is an equine veterinary surgeon, specialising in Equine Dermatology in West Sussex, provides advice and feedback when required