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SF6 Fynalite Shavings Fork (301L) Mouseover to zoom - click for full size

SF6 Fynalite Shavings Fork (301L)

A very good quality shaving fork with spring steel head and 120cm, long knob handle with textured "softex" grip.

- Spring steel tines are designed to be flexible in order to follow the floor of the bed and then to return into place
- Designed to allow shavings to fall through the tines whilst leaving the manure behind making valuable savings in bedding costs
- Allows the operator to easily rebuild and shape the bedding in the stable
- Perfectly balanced - makes mucking out less back breaking!
- Tough long lasting finish
- Strong but lightweight high specification steel & high-carbon spring steel wire tines

English-Made and manufacturered by Fyna-Lite who have been stable fork specialists since 1985